We are a family-owned diamond wholesaler and custom jewelry designer. 

Our specialty is high-quality rare diamonds. All of our diamonds come with an independent lab certificate and a written guarantee to be conflict-free diamonds originating from ethical and socially responsible sources. We have never, nor will we ever, handle altered goods — only 100% natural Earth-mined diamonds.

Our resources stretch worldwide and include a dedicated staff of jewelry professionals with over 30 years’ experience including graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Fine Jewelry Consultation and Diamond Grading.

In addition to offering the finest diamonds, we also pride ourselves on providing high-quality and high-principledservice. Our team is available to update and educate our clients through each step of the process. Every piece is custom made to your specifications. When purchasing jewelry from us, you’re not buying another mass-produced commodity. You’re commissioning a work of art. It is designed and made just for you.

We are passionate about customer service. We honor your unique story and the special occasion you are celebrating. We understand that this is an extremely important milestone and investment. We strive to create a fun and memorable shopping experience, while maintaining our reputation for consistently superior diamonds, exquisite designs and impeccable craftsmanship. We are a family business with an international reputation for quality.